Product Applications


  • Sample Houses: You just give us the bare structure and leave the rest to us. We specialize in understanding the client requirements of creating a “sweep me off my feet” moment for any potential client coming to visit the sample house of a particular real estate residential project.
  • Drawing Room: Are you a person who has a classic taste or a contemporary one? We have products for every taste. Our only objective is to produce an “AWWW” moment from every visitor who visits your home.
  • Kitchen: Our range of personally selected “Kitchen Fittings & Accessories” can make your kitchen look like a ‘Mediterranean” one or a “Modern” one. Cook away all your favorite recipes while admiring the views.
  • Bathroom: Majority of our ideas are born in our “Bathroom”, so let us help you in coming out with better ideas by offering, suave and aesthetically pleasing sanitary ware and bathroom fittings and accessories.
  • Bedroom: Wake up seeing our beautiful customized wall tiles and go to sleep after touching your feet on our feathery, modern glazed floor tiles.
  • Swimming Pool: Having done the tiles of the swimming pool of legendary lyricist, “Javed Akhtar”, we more or less know the tastes of famous personalities who love relaxing in and by their pool.


  • Corporate Office Spaces: Let your work space come alive with our wall and floor tiles and leave a personalized mark on all the people who come to visit your office.
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Café’s: Be it creating a jazzy, vibrant atmosphere or a calm soothing one, the products of “Ceramic Shoppe” will do all this work for you.
  • Hospitals & Laboratories: We believe our products should reflect the serene, positive and cheerful mood that any medical institute be it a private clinic, a hospital or a laboratory.
  • Schools & Colleges: Studies have shown that the aesthetics and make of the overall environments of a school/college affects the spatial awareness levels of a student. Our products mirror this philosophy by making all the educational institutes more vibrant, colorful and creative.
  • Industrial Plant Admin Offices: Taking into account all the fumes and other materials emanating from the industrial plants of many companies, we at “Ceramic Shoppe” ensure that not only the decorative of the admin offices at these plants is taken care of, but also the functional part is looked after.